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Staging Your Home: Is is worth it?

Staging Your Home: Is it worth it?

So, you’re thinking about selling your home and considering ALL of the components that come along with that.

What price should you list at?

Should you wait until Spring?

Who do you hire as an agent?

Do you even want to hire an agent?

Should you remodel the kitchen?

Should you even move?

The list goes on and on! But one component in selling your home that we see many homeowners overlook is STAGING – and it’s no small element to ignore!

What is Staging?

Staging a home means showcasing it to buyers in a way that makes them able to visualize themselves there. Staging will highlight the greatest features of your home and ultimately appeal to a greater range of potential buyers. Staging can be interior or exterior, and should always focus on the “vibe” you want your home to put out when it hits the market.

Why Stage?

In today’s world, we as consumers are constantly being marketed to in ways that stimulate our minds visually (ahem, Instagram and Pinterest anyone?). Our eyes are drawn to the beautiful, and your home is no different!

According to the, on average staged homes sell 88% faster and for 20% more than un-staged homes. A staged home allows potential buyers to more easily see themselves living there, meaning they’ll be more likely to put in an offer. Not to mention, it may even help them overlook some of the faults in a home, such as out-dated features or scratched hardwoods, which could potentially mean buyers will put in a higher offer. And what seller wouldn’t love that?

What’s the cost?

Depending on the size of the home, how many rooms need staging and how much staging a home needs (i.e. is it completely empty?), staging can cost anywhere from $0 to upwards of $1,000 (this is for our local market of the Hudson Valley).

Sometimes all a home needs is a little decluttering and moving of furniture, which wouldn’t cost a penny! Other times, bringing outside staging furniture in to make rooms feel bigger, while still defining a space’s purpose, could mean spending some money on new pieces or hiring a local staging company.

Are you a staging company in the Hudson Valley? Contact us!

Actual Staging v. Virtual Staging

While staging has proven to be impactful to the bulk of properties, there is a difference between the types of staging offered.

Actual Staging involves the physical pieces, ones that potential buyers see when they come view your property in person. Virtual Staging is completely digital, and often works best in vacant spaces where not furniture is present.

Personally, I prefer the Actual Staging method. While it’s easier and sometimes more cost effective to Virtually Stage, I believe the presence of real furniture and design pieces when a potential buyer walks in allows them to visualize themselves living in the home even more so. Sometimes Virtually Staging can have that “catfish” effect, where the property looks great with the Virtual Staging online but then falls short when buyers walk in to an empty space with different or no furniture. With Actual Staging, what the buyers saw online is what they’ll see when they walk into your home (just remember to tidy up before showings!).

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Micaela is a local Licensed Real Estate Salesperson with Howard Hanna | Rand Realty who specializes in marketing and negotiating throughout Rockland, Orange, Bergen and Westchester Counties. A Rockland County native, she loves nothing more than helping others buy or sell their homes in our beautiful Hudson Valley.

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